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2014 $5 Pure Gold Coin – Portrait of Nanaboozhoo [132390]

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About 2014 $5 Pure Gold Coin – Portrait of Nanaboozhoo [132390]

This 1/10th of an ounce pure gold coin honours the long-standing tradition of First Nations story-telling; it is part of a series of coins celebrating Nanaboozhoo, a legendary figure in Ojibwa folklore. Nanaboozhoo is a shape-shifting spirit (often taking on the form of a rabbit) that is prominently featured in Aboriginal story-telling, including the story of the world’s creation. Folkloric tales tell us that Nanaboozhoo was first sent to earth to teach the Ojibwa; his first task was to name all of the plants and animals. One of the more recent Ojibwa stories tells of Nanaboozhoo saving the forests of the Northeastern United States from Paul Bunyan. This coin, struck with proof-finish in 99.99% pure gold, is part of a collection of five coins that chronicle the legend of Nanaboozhoo. The level of detail packed into the surface of this piece is a testament to the skill of the engravers at the Royal Canadian Mint. The image depicts Nanaboozhoo in a three-quarter view, standing stoic and spirit-like. This coin would make a fantastic addition to any collection of fine gold coins, or as a gift to any First Nations folklore enthusiast.


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